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  • They responded quickly to my call, sent me a quote shortly and explained me the whole process making sure I had no questions. The truck arrived on... Read More »
  • Outstanding customer service. Great moral values and great products Read More »
  • If you are looking for great customer service, low price, quality work and a fast turnaround this is a good company to work with. As this company h... Read More »
  • Used EZ Window Solutions for new roof and new windows. Very competitive pricing and great service. Great experience! Read More »
  • I was very happily surprised that went out of their way to get me the correct key when I had mistakenly ordered the wrong part. Custo... Read More »
  • i work there as intern , its awesome place to work Read More »
  • I work for Mart Liquor and I was in contact with this business. They told me they could lower my debt significantly as long as I paid their fees. I... Read More »
  • Adam Cox - Prime Choice Funding I was already working with 3 other lenders for my divorce refi when Adam reached out to me that he was back in the... Read More »
  • Can't say enough about how quickly and easily Andrew Madrigal and New American Finance approved my loan and cash-out. They also did something which... Read More »
  • I have never signed up for this service and for years I have continued to receive phone calls about extending the warranty on my 2009 Dodge, that a... Read More »
  • They gave me a very good service overall. They showed up 30 min late but they are so hard working and fast that this was not a big issue at the end... Read More »
  • These guys are obviously crooks ! Bought a battery from them and never received it ! They also do not respond to emails or phone calls ! They shoul... Read More »
  • USA Locators did a great job helping me find some lost monies. They were friendly and knowledgeable and knew the ins and outs of finding the lost m... Read More »
  • They really did a great job. They did my neon within no time. Being very nice and giving great recommendations. I would definitely use them again. Read More »
  • Best toy store in the city. Would love to visit this place. Read More »
  • Paid my HOA dues to old company for June and July sent in bankstatements which was received 10/3/2019 (certified mind you because it seems like I h... Read More »
  • The staff was there to walk me through the process, step by step. I would highly recommend Priority Gold for anyone looking to invest their 401K or... Read More »
  • I had American Leak Detection do a helium test in January 2019 through my Rental House Management Company for a gas leak. When the plumbers came to... Read More »
  • Their representative was very helpful and knowledgable to guide me through the whole process. I am very pleased with Priority Gold. There was not a... Read More »
  • They will buy a new domain name on your behalf, point all the traffic you had from your other domains to it but if you ever leave them, you do not... Read More »
  • I've been already contacted by this agency two times for nonsense reasons. At first they wanted contact of someone who is employer of my previous e... Read More »
  • I recommend Priority Gold to anyone who is interested in diversifying their portfolio. The staff was informed, knowledgeable and they took the time... Read More »
  • I've been working with Tax Group Center for 7 years originally started with a tax problem I had that they resolved successfully. Since then I've be... Read More »
  • I have been listed on 123notary directory for 2 months. Paid $99. Didn't get any job from them yet.So,I decided to call and just talk to Carmen.She... Read More »
  • This first experience was a great success at all levels; the quality of their services (advices, packaging, delivery organisation and follow-up) al... Read More »
  • My Xanax pills fhad finished a few days back so ordered from here and got a good deal. Their customer support is quite reliable. Read More »
  • Before engaging the services of Metro Builders, I did my due diligence and met with 6 remodel professionals each one quoted my project, After meeti... Read More »
  • This is the worst company. They lie and do not do what they say. They made promises and did nothing but take my money. Better off burning calling a... Read More »
  • Defense Tax saved me over $65,000. They were professional, kind and amazing results. My life is been better now that my taxes are solved. Very happ... Read More »
  • I just want to thank both of these wonderful people for the help they have given me! They told me they would lower my interest rate and lower my pa... Read More »
  • Bought a replacement power supply board for a Sanyo 43 inch television for a client. This was a used OEM part. It was perfect for the repair. Arriv... Read More »
  • N/A Read More »
  • Terrible experience. Took graduation photos, then sent proofs through email to review and purchase. The proofs have their logo plastered all over t... Read More »
  • Kevin Kim with Network Capital has made the refinance of my home so easy! I would highly recommend reaching out to Network Capital to do your next... Read More »
  • Total scam. Product never ships. Vendor continuously asks for more shipping fees. Do not use. Read More »
  • I checked many companies out on the internet who sponsored self directed IRAs and Regal Assets kept coming up as being the best. I understand why n... Read More »
  • I am so happy i used Platinum Wildlife Removal. They were so informative and did a really swell job. The technicians solved my animal problem fast.... Read More »
  • I have recently worked with Acematiks and delivered 60+ articles to them. They Blamed me for the terms not in my contract and still doesn't pay me.... Read More »
  • I've been buying precious metals for years and there is no one better than GGC! Read More »
  • This is my 2nd time working with him and he is just great. He made HR look like a Incompetent fool, which she is. Because of his help, in the Heari... Read More »
  • They collect payment immediately then stop communicating altogether after a month passes - maybe hoping you have already paid your credit card and... Read More »
  • This was one of the best moving experiences I've ever had. State to State Logistics was very professional and made sure that all of my furniture wa... Read More »
  • The team at Priority Gold is the best! They really care about their clients and offer the absolute best education up front without any pressur... Read More »
  • We have a small business under 10 employees and our tax issues always seem to consume us every year. I decided to bring someone in to help with it... Read More »
  • I recently completed the 6 week challenge here and lost 14 lbs and gained muscle. The staff is fun and helps you stay committed to your goals. I hi... Read More »
  • Great from start to finish. Mike and his team are top-notch!! Quality product and service. My unit is absolutely beautiful. Read More »
  • do not trust bradley home furnishings not a legit business Read More »
  • I was shocked, delighted and pleased with how easy, efficient, and quick they did my move! They were ultra friendly and speedy and exceeded all my... Read More »
  • I am oblivious when it comes to jewelry, let alone diamonds. But I wanted to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years so I called their hotline to speak... Read More »
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